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  FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

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 FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions Empty
PostSubject: FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions    FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions EmptyWed Oct 14, 2015 1:59 am

So here Im am. Spending time for SERVER. Again...
This topic is made up for asnwer most common questions and problems.
So Newbies please take a look:

0. First of all each section have Rules. Read them!

1.Why we dont change our season 3 to season 4,5,6?
Simply because we dont want to. Players are happy with season 3 and updating it will cause with more bugs and problems.

2. Why my character is banned?
Take a look here

3. When my character will be unbanned/ Why it isnt unbanned?
Take a look here
and if theres no unban date please make a topic about it or simply PM one of GM's or ADMIN's

4.Why server is closed / Why server is offline?
Propably we're having mainterance so kindly wait till it will be done.

5. When server will be online?
We cant said exacly when. But usually it takes less than 2 hours. You can check server status on our website.

6. Admin banned me for no reason!?
Please contact him or if he dont respond you contact other staff member ( By skype or private message )

7. I want to be GM, MOD,HELPER , how can I?
Simply be active in forum, help players , dont spam and wait till OpenMu staff will open Application thread where you can apply as one or just donate some cash and PM owner.

8.I have question but i dont know where to ask
Simply forum is splitted on sections where you cant find anything you need. Each section have short description under title.

9.My character after reset move very slow and i have big lag? What is that?
Its because you sold all your resets for grand resets , keep at least one of them to avoid this issue. And try to move somehow and get some levels , then problem should be gone.

10.I have some duped item in vault or inventory it disconnecting me.What can I do?
Simply change sub-server (channel) and try to sold it in shop.

11.Players killing me. What can i do?
Move to NON-PVP server or make full stats and buy equipment

12.I lost items. What now?
If you were scammed by person wich told you that is GM you can report him in Report section but you wont get your items back.
If your items were gone after server disconnection and you have screenshot go to the problems section and report it.

13. Why dont you add SMS donation support to my country?
We would if it will depend on us. But simply our service provider cant add it.
If you want to donate you can do it via Paypal and western union.

14.Who the fuck are you?
Im just a dude wich is annoyed of all those noobish questions and wich came up with greatest idea ever to make FAQ wich all player need to read before he start posting in forum.

To staff members:
Do not edit my thread , spam in it or do any other thing.
If you have something to add/correct PM me on my profile and I will update it or if you just want to say thanks simply click TNX.
Any MOD please LOCK&STICKY this thread
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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
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