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 New rule for GM's

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New rule for GM's Empty
PostSubject: New rule for GM's   New rule for GM's EmptyWed Oct 14, 2015 1:46 am

GM's will need ss/video proof before banning a member.
Note that the proof doesn't need to be uploaded on the internet until asked by one of the admins that is in control of this rule. Feel free to delete the video/ss proof if the case is older than 30 days.

If this rule is not followed, the gm will either lose his ban panel or get demoted. The player will also be unbanned and compensated.

We will also be choosing the GM's who do not need to follow this rule.

PS: If you end up finding yourself in a situation where you have no time to try getting proof, feel free to ban him/her and tell a higher up about it. Just be organized!

- Do not upset a player with bad words!
-Do not give items to players!
-Do not ban without evidence!
-Help players with their questions!

Game Master MUST:

1. Game master must create new account for his/her GM char
2. Game master must be in Admins guild
3. Game master must be active
4. Game master must be friendly
5. Game master must make daily events (at least 4 events)
6. Game master must help the players
7. Game master must respect everyone
8. Game master must post his inactivity reason in his/her schedule

Game Master CAN:

1. Game master can use credits for himself
2. Game master can buy items for himself only in GM account
3. Game master can ask admins for credits
4. Game master can play Castle Siege event with his normal character

Game Master CAN'T:

1. Game master can't abuse his/her power
2. Game master can't share his/her account
3. Game master can't share/trade his items
4. Game master can't move items from GM account to another account
5. Game master can't kill any player with his GM char
6. Game master can't help any player to make him/her winner in the event
7. Game master can't insult/swear players
8. Game master can't ask players' password
9. Game master can't use his GM char during Castle Siege event
10.Game master can't use Global chat to make fun.

Line wrote:
*Dear game masters, you have to follow the rules above, otherwise you will be demoted!
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New rule for GM's Empty
PostSubject: Re: New rule for GM's   New rule for GM's EmptyTue Feb 09, 2016 12:51 pm

Rules Added
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New rule for GM's
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